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Buckner first played in Detroit with the McKinney Cotton Pickers and then with Cab Calloway . In 1941 he joined Lionel Hampton 's big band, and for the next seven years served as its pianist and staff arranger. [3] He led a short-lived big band of his own for two years, but then returned to Hampton's in 1950. [3] In 1952 he formed his own trio, and pioneered the use of the electric Hammond organ. [3] He often played in Europe in the late 1960s. His last studio session took place in Paris on 4 July 1977. [2]

Milt Buckner
Pianist-organist Milt Buckner originated the “locked hands” technique in which parallel lines are played as two-handed “block” chords. The style has been emulated by his and future generations from George Shearing to Oscar Peterson and beyond. From 1941-1948, then again in the early 50’s, Buckner worked as arranger and director for jazz giant Lionel Hampton’s band. He was also instrumental in bringing the Hammond organ into modern popular music. From 1966 until his death in 1977 Bruckner spent most of his time in Europe. For French critic André Hodeir, “Bruckner must surely belong to the front line of pianists along with Earl Hines, Fats Waller, and Teddy Wilson.”

Milt Buckner - More ChordsMilt Buckner - More ChordsMilt Buckner - More ChordsMilt Buckner - More Chords